Journal articles

Refsland, T.K. and J.M. Fraterrigo. 2018. Fire increases drought vulnerability of Quercus alba seedlings by altering forest microclimate and nitrogen availability. Functional Ecology 32(10).

Refsland, T.K. and J. M. Fraterrigo. 2017. Both canopy and understory traits act as response-effect traits in fire-managed forests. Ecosphere 8(12).

Journal articles – in revision, review or preparation

Cushman, J. H., L. Sanders and T.K. Refsland. Long-term and interactive effects of different mammalian consumers on growth, survival and recruitment of dominant tree species. In review: Journal of Ecology

Refsland, T.K., B. Knapp, K. Stephan and J.M. Fraterrigo. Long-term, repeat fires limit tree growth under favorable climate but not drought conditions. In preparation

Refsland, T.K., Dale Brockway, Jeff Glitz, Tom Lewis, Kirsten Stephan, Jennifer Fraterrigo. Fire-driven filtering of plant functional traits and consequences for forest drought vulnerability. In preparation